SSR Character Weapon Proficiency Table

SSR Character Weapon Proficiency Table (click me) A quick visual tool to see how many, and which, SSR characters have which weapon proficiency.  Very helpful for choosing which Atma/Ultima weapons to make! -Points at crewmates- “Why haven’t you made an Atma yet? Stop Slacking!” Why did you make this and why are you sharing it? I … Read more SSR Character Weapon Proficiency Table

Pooky’s Collection Tracker

Pooky’s Collection Tracker is a simple spreadsheet I made to keep track of my SSR collection in GBF.  I shared it with my crew and now I’m gonna share it with you! Here it is! What’s it have? It has all Regular Gacha SSR Characters, all Limited Gacha SSR Characters, all Other/Misc SSR Characters and … Read more Pooky’s Collection Tracker

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