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Pooky’s GBF Weapon Grid Resource:

Creator’s Note – August 8, 2021:
– All guides are generally outdated at this point, and I do not think there is a very high chance that I will feel up to the task of updating the guides on this website. I have lost the motivation to put in the proper effort and calculations to provide numerically supported Magna/Omega grid advice. The original motivation was me figuring out the best grids for myself and then sharing it with others, but now that motivation is lacking.
– Thank you for visiting and supporting me and this website. Some of the information on this website may still be useful and/or it can serve as an archive/time capsule for how grids used to be! The site will likely be left up until summer 2022, I will issue another update when we decide to cancel/renew the webhosting service.

Change Log and Introduction

These two guides are slightly out of date but still useful for understanding M2 progression and theorycrafting in Earth and Wind:

Here are some tools you may find useful: