ULB Magna Weapon Stat Estimations (click me)

EDIT: Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee, the actual stat gains are equal to or less than 50% of what I estimated! Magna ULBs seem like a luxury thing to work on if you have nothing else to do.  Definitely work on getting those summons FLB’d though!

The 4th Anniversary stream was yesterday and unloaded a tonne of new information for what will be coming along with it! One of the big reveals was that Magna/Omega weapons will be receiving another uncap that will unlock level 200 and skill level 20 for them!

It’s a bit hard to start calculating without the hard numbers on these new upgrades but we can make some guesses as to what these Ultimate Limit Break (ULB) will look like at their maximum level. Click the link above to check them out!

Colossus is back baby, and he is buffer than ever before!

How I went about estimating

If we assume the weapons will gain a similar amount of from 150 to 200 as they did from 100 to 150, you get the numbers I calculated.  I show the progression of stats from level 1 to level 200 in the 3rd tab.  You can see that stat gains per uncap are pretty much the same for every uncap level.

However, for whatever reason, this pattern is broken with Tiamat weapons.  They gain extra stats during their 4*/FLB uncap compared to other Omega weapons.  Most weapons gain 16-17% of their level 100 stats per uncap, while Tiamat weapons are similar for their first 3 stars/uncaps, they gain ~20% during their 4*/FLB uncap.  I compare the Tiamat weapons with other Omega weapons of the same type in the second tab.

I am not sure why this has been done, but a random guess I have is that maybe its to counter the low stats on the wind carbuncle? Who knows though…

What are the implications?

Anyway, if we make this assumption for the stats, its pretty much the same as assuming that the weapon skills will follow the same scale for 15 to 20 as they did with 10 to 15.  This would leave us with large ATK skills giving 21% modifier at slvl20, up 3% (0.6%/slvl) from the 18% at slvl15.  Combined with the level 200 stats, this gets Magna/Omega weapons a lot closer to the level of FLB Grand Weapons like Murgleis in terms of their multipliers and stats.

FLB Grand Weapons give massive normal modifier, and provide 22% multiplier at slvl15 and have between 3200-3600atk (except Gambanteinn, which is 2760 atk). They also have a second skill that makes them the highest budgeted weapons in terms of skills and stats, but thats to be expected in a gacha game with some p2w elements.

ULB Magna/Omega weapons will provide 21% multiplier and attack values ranging from 2600 to 3400 attack! (If my assumptions are correct)

We don’t know if they gain any skills along the way to level 200 but even if they don’t this is quite a marker in Granblue’s timeline as Magna/Omega builds will be receiving a large power boost.  With the 120% auras for FLB Omega Summons, Omega II Weapons, and ULB Omega Weapons, its a good time to be a filthy non-primal user!

Looking forward to doing the calculations for the next generation of Omega grids!

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