SSR Character Weapon Proficiency Table (click me)

A quick visual tool to see how many, and which, SSR characters have which weapon proficiency.  Very helpful for choosing which Atma/Ultima weapons to make!

-Points at crewmates-
“Why haven’t you made an Atma yet? Stop Slacking!”

Why did you make this and why are you sharing it?

I made this cause I make spreadsheets for everything!

Also I wanted to have an updated resource for myself, thought I may as well share it with anyone who can make use of it.  This should be kept up to date as long as I am active!

Where are the rest of your guides?

After my late summer hiatus, there were so many changes and I sorta lost the drive to write more Pooky’s Ponderings.  In December I started write ups on the viability of using SSR Acrarum summons as main summons…but with the announcement of Magna summons getting a final uncap as well as potential buffs to Magna weapons, this pretty much kills the idea and you will likely only want to use them as sub-summons to utilize the HP or Seraphic-like gains.

Quick note, the 100% character attack summons can provide up to a 12% gain over the standard Magna Summon + Elemental if you farm the appropriate grid (which is essentially -1 Magna +1 Xeno).  I only got as far as testing Earth and Water however, it should work similarly for Fire and Wind if you use Cane and Fist grids respectively.  Light and Dark were not worth looking into IMO (Swords provide normally modifiers already and enmity is too strong in dark).

I hope to be able to make a bunch of write-ups with the upcoming changes around anniversary time so please keep visiting!  In the mean time I may do a quick cookie cutter grid guide for all the elements…Stay tuned!

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