Pooky’s Ponderings – Getting Down and Dirty With Alex – Omega/Magna Earth Grid Guide

Setting the Stage

Welcome to the Magna Earth edition of Pooky’s Ponderings!  It is time to understand the ins and outs of borrowing Godsworn Alexiel’s power.

With Magna II, Earth gets Nibelung Horn which has exactly the same skills as Wind’s Last Storm Harp, Medium Stamina and Large Crit.  So if you’ve read my Wind guide, this Earth one will probably seem a bit similar! But alas, Earth doesn’t have a weapon like Tiamat Bolt Omega (Medium Attack, Small Enmity)…what it does have is Yggdrasil Bow Omega (Large Enmity)…so maybe we can have some enmity+stamina shenanigans in Earth as well.

Alex probably doesn’t want to have anything to do with us dirty mortals…but we will be Klinge-ing to her for a long time to come.  We’re gonna have to Messer her up many a time before we can crush our opponents into the Earth with 40k+ HP and 100% crit.

I feel like I had to really force those in there… and they might not have worked if you didn’t use German pronunciation, so I’ll leave you with this in compensation:

How long does a car have to wait before going back to work after getting new tires?
It will never go back to work, it just retired.

Table of Contents

4* Magna Earth Grids
Sword and Katana Focused Grids
Yggdrasil Bow Omega
Damage by the Numbers
Double Yggdrasil and Katana HP
Using Non-4* Axes and Katanas
5* Magna Earth Grids
Swords vs Katanas
Cost of Uncaps
Effect of 4* Yggdrasil Omega and Uncap Priority
Conclusion and TL;DR

Important things before we start:

I will always recommend that you try calculating and testing your own builds to find out what the best setup is for your specific scenario/conditions. There are a lot of variables that can affect your damage that I cannot cover in this write-up.  

In this article I mainly focus on the “Party-Averaged Exp. Turn Damage” on motocal (Expected DPT).  This number takes into account your double attack, triple attack, and critical hit rates as well as ougi/charge attack damage.  And for my purposes, is also solely based on the Main Character’s (MC) damage, as no party member data has been used (although I have omitted the use of MC mastery/emp bonuses to better reflect unbuffed party member damage).

Builds that include a Bahamut Weapon are assumed to have full coverage, that is, it affects all four members of your frontline.

Make sure to click the graphs/tables if you want to see the higher resolution versions!


I am going to make the following assumptions for my calculations:

  • Player rank 155
  • No specific class/job selected
  • No class mastery or emp bonuses, except for the 1k Party HP bonus.
  • Water enemy with general defense and capped defense down, “5.0 (General -50% DEF)” on motocal
  • 10k attack and 3.5k hp from summons
  • 4* (120%) Yggdrasil summon(s) and 3* (140%) Godsworn Alexiel summon

Unless otherwise noted, only the following weapons will be considered:

I will use Dagger here, but other common MH weapons to consider are:

I’m going to leave my stats and calculations pretty barebones in terms of bonuses, buffs and characters.  Because that is a whole other level of customization that depends on your individual resources and preferences!

Here is a link to the motocal data so that you can play around with inputting weapons, summon stats, characters and buffs to find out what is optimal for you!

4* Magna Earth Grids

Sword and Katana Focused Grids

Yggy swords are extremely straightforward weapons and have served Magna Earth quite well for the last few years.  As such, Magna Earth grids have been extremely simple to calculate up until now because there weren’t any special or fancy skills to consider; everything was pretty much a basic attack skill modifier.

But in comes a beautiful, red-haired and GODSWORN, maiden named Alexiel with her badass katana that has the same attack skill and an HP skill to boot!  And for some reason she also has an axe that is even more powerful. There is dagger as well…but it only has a lone Small Enmity skill along with a charge attack damage cap increase (which may have niche use); this weapon does not appear to be any good.

Let’s take a look at what happens when we throw these new weapons into the mix!  For now, we will only evaluate them regarding damage.

Some Notes:

I’ve included the best builds for each amount of axes.  I only included the original sword build here to help visualize the damage difference between katanas and swords.  If I included both sword and katana versions for each amount of axes, the graph would be unreadable.  Fear not, I have the data for all versions of sword and katana builds in the data section.

I have looked into a build using four katanas and three axes (4/3/0) with double Yggdrasil.  The damage is a tiny improvement over 3/3/1 (basically identical as it is only a 0.1% increase) so I have not included it on the graph but I will address this build again later.

Figure 1. Sword/Katana/Axe Builds. Graphs produced using motocal. S=Sword, K=Katana, A=Axe, X=Xeno. There are 7 weapons listed in the legend, the other 3 are constant between all builds and they are: Dagger of Bahamut Coda, Gauntlet of Uriel and GW Dagger.

The difference in damage, purely weapon wise (no weapon proficiencies considered), between a 4* Nibelung Klinge and a 4* Yggdrasil Crystal Blade is only due to their different attack values as their damage skill are the same.  And as you can see on the graph, the difference is quite small. This difference can be swapped in favour of swords if your class/party members have sword proficiency. If they have katana proficiency, then katanas will gain another small advantage.

Axes offer very significant increases in damage at high HP!  

Each successive axe adds a slightly smaller increase than the last until you get to the fourth.  The fourth axe in Yggdrasil + Alexiel offers a very small increase in damage at 100% HP and a slightly steeper drop in damage as you lose HP.  In double Yggdrasil, the fourth axe just plain isn’t worth it, as you have a dead skill in the crit since you already have 100% with three axes (see my Critical Strike blurb in the Wind Guide to learn more about critical strike chance).

For double Yggdrasil summons we see that the damage at 100% HP is indeed lower than Ygg+Alex and also has as a greater damage drop off due to loss of HP.  But I wouldn’t be Pooky and this wouldn’t be Pooky’s Ponderings if we didn’t dig a bit deeper and explore what elemental attack buffs would do in the great debate of double Magna.

Figure 2. Sword/Katana/Axe Builds rotating through varying levels of elemental attack buffs (0%/30%/50%). Graphs produced using motocal. S=Sword, K=Katana, A=Axe, X=Xeno. There are 7 weapons listed in the legend, the other 3 are constant between all builds and they are: Dagger of Bahamut Coda, Gauntlet of Uriel and GW Dagger.

So just as in Wind, we see that elemental attack buffs can push double Magna to equalize and even surpass the Magna+Ele setup.

For the specific builds used here, the approximate amount of elemental attack buff required to make double Yggdrasil equal to Ygg+Alex is as follows:
3 axes: ~20-25%
2 axes: ~35-40%
1 axe: ~95-100%

With respect to damage, double Yggdrasil is preferred as long as you have 2-3 axes and some elemental attack buffs. 

However this is assuming you are at 100% HP, if this is not possible you may want to consider not opting into double Magna.  With 50% elemental attack, the HP thresholds where the double Yggdrasil setup stops being better than Ygg+Alex is as follows:
3 axes: ~75%
2 axes: ~90%

Use these numbers as a rough guideline, but make sure to plug in your own grid and figure out what your double Magna damage threshold is.  That being said, this is only considering damage, double Ygg has other benefits besides just better damage at high HP.  This is discussed more later, keep on reading!

Yggdrasil Bow Omega

Doing the research for the Wind Guide definitely got my imagination going and reminded me that Earth also has an enmity weapon, so what happens when we add a bow to a grid with axes? Can we achieve a blissful equilibrium with stamina and enmity like Wind can?

Figure 3. Bow/Katana/Axe Builds. Graphs produced using motocal. S=Sword, K=Katana, A=Axe, X=Xeno, B=Bow. There are 7 weapons listed in the legend, the other 3 are constant between all builds and they are: Dagger of Bahamut Coda, Gauntlet of Uriel and GW Dagger.  For the bow builds please refer to the tables in the Damage by the Numbers section.
Figure 4. Bow/Katana/Axe Builds rotating through varying levels of elemental attack buffs (0%/30%/50%). Graphs produced using motocal. S=Sword, K=Katana, A=Axe, X=Xeno, B=Bow. There are 7 weapons listed in the legend, the other 3 are constant between all builds and they are: Dagger of Bahamut Coda, Gauntlet of Uriel and GW Dagger.  For the bow builds please refer to the tables in the Damage by the Numbers section.

And here is a still image of the 50% elemental graph, things get a bit more spread out so it’s a bit easier to see how the builds differ.

Figure 5. Bow/Katana/Axe Builds with a 50% elemental attack buff. Graphs produced using motocal. S=Sword, K=Katana, A=Axe, X=Xeno, B=Bow. There are 7 weapons listed in the legend, the other 3 are constant between all builds and they are: Dagger of Bahamut Coda, Gauntlet of Uriel and GW Dagger.  For the bow builds please refer to the tables in the Damage by the Numbers section.

Ok, so these graphs are bit cluttered, but you can still make out the important parts.  The first thing is that there is massive drop in damage at 100% if you add a bow. Well this should definitely be expected as we are adding in a weapon that literally does nothing at 100% HP for a weapon that did.  Secondly, the strength of one bow’s Large Enmity skill by itself counteracts the stamina loss of one axe pretty well, but requires pretty low HP to counteract two or three.

Double Yggdrasil:

With three axes and one bow we can peak damage at both full hp and critical hp!  The damage hits its minimums at just below 25% and ~65%, but these minimums are much higher than the non bow builds.  I can see this kind of build being useful as it provides a more stable damage curve, although you sacrifice a large amount of power at full HP for this stability

In the 1A/1B build you have a small dip between 75% and 100%HP, with any point below 75%HP giving greater damage than what the build had at full HP.  This build matches its non-bow mirror at ~72%.  The 2A/1B build’s dip lasts longer, from 44% to 100%, while the 3A/1B has a dip all the way to 25%; they both match their non-bow mirrors at 68%HP.

Yggdrasil + Alexiel:

Bow doesn’t seem worth it, as you don’t see as big of gains on either end of the curve.  For every build you need to be around 55-60%HP before the bow build surpasses the non-bow build.  However, the power of enmity ensures the damage never drops below Standard Sword levels of damage.  In general, the combination of enmity and stamina doesn’t work as well when they aren’t boosted by double Magna summons.

Uses for Bow Builds:

A lot of damage is lost at high HP by adding a bow to the grid, so does doing this have any practical purpose? I say yes, but conditionally.  

The first condition is that if you can cap (or come close to it) at 100% HP with any of the bow builds, then adding it in doesn’t really cost you anything and you don’t have to focus as much on maintaining high HP.  This condition probably won’t be satisfied by many players as it will probably require fully +’d grids along with really good summon stats or something. But if you can achieve this, it is probably the ideal grid, as you will have a relatively stable grid that is strong at all percentages of HP and would never fall below standard sword levels of damage.

The second condition is if you have Ayer and or Sarasa (or some other self enmity enabler that I may have missed).  I normally stay away from specific characters but this is a pretty fun idea I had. Lots of people depend on 5* Sarasa for her earth defense down on Ground Zero, and she will lose all her HP from that (with the ability to heal after with her nuke).  Ayer also wants to keep himself low to maximize his passive. So you could theoretically have one, or both, of these characters keeping themselves below  ~30% HP while the rest of your characters are at high HP; optimizing both the stamina and enmity ends of the curve while avoiding the “dead zone” in the middle.  Not sure how practical this is in actual play, but it is a fun concept to think about and maybe test.

Another condition is that you want a more stable damage curve (bow/axe combinations) or just want to run enmity (bows and no axes).  Then you can definitely run bows in Earth, the option is there!  I have already mentioned that there is merit to bow/axe combinations…For pure enmity Magna Earth…I don’t think it is as powerful as the stamina option but if it is your dream don’t let it be a meme.

Damage By the Numbers

Time for another edition of “are you curious enough to look at tables of numbers!”

Just as before, I have only listed 7 weapons for these grids as the other 3 (Bahamut weapon, Gauntlet of Uriel and GW Dagger MH) are constants across all builds.

All builds are compared to the current “Standard Sword” build, which is 5 Swords, 2 Xeno, Baha, Uriel, and a GW Dagger MH while using Yggdrasil and Alexiel Summons.  We can see how much of an increase each build is over the pre-Magna II grid and isolate the differences that katanas and axes provide! The difference between double Ygg vs Ygg+Alex can also be observed.

I have included the %HP at which these builds are equal in damage to the Standard Sword build. For example, if you fall to 40% HP while using the 4Sword/2Axe build, your damage will be approximately the same as when using the Standard Sword build.  I think this is a useful metric to have, as it tells us how high we need to keep our HP in order to maintain the advantage axes provide.

I do mention the 4/3 build here but do not include it in this table.  The damage is pretty much identical to 3/3/1 at full HP.  The advantages of 4/3 will be discussed in the next section.

Table 1. Party Averaged Expected Turn Damage comparison of Sword/Katana/Axe/Bow builds. All builds are compared to the 6S/2X Yggdrasil + Alexiel build (Standard Swords).

Katanas and Swords

We can see that the 5 Katana build offers a 2.89% increase over the 5 Sword build.  Going down the rows this advantage lowers as the builds use less Katanas/Swords, ending at a 2.58% difference for the 3/3/1 builds.  With these numbers we can see that the higher attack of katanas offers a very small increase in damage in a one for one trade with swords.


In Ygg+Alex, axes offer substantially large increases in damage at 100% and do not fall below Standard Sword levels of damage until 25-50% (depending on how many axes you have).  The first three axes offer increases in damage that range from 12-22%; with the first giving you a whopping 22% increase right out of the gate. The second and third gradually offer less and less but the gains are still high: 40-50% total damage increase over standard swords for two to three axes.  Four axe builds can offer a small increase at full HP, but drop off much harder.

For double Yggdrasil you are going to need at  least two axes and some elemental buffs to beat out the Ygg+Alex in damage.  With two or less axes and no elemental buffs, Ygg+Alex is better (14-22% more damage than double Ygg).  The fourth axe does not provide any damage boost in double Ygg builds.

The peak performance in axe builds occurs when you are at full HP and have three axes as well as some elemental attack buffs (~60% improvement over Standard Swords with 50% ele buff).

Assuming the scenario where you have 50% elemental attack buffs…It is important to note that with a two axe build when you drop below ~90% HP, Ygg+Alex has higher damage than Ygg+Ygg.  With a three axe build (3/3/1) that HP threshold is ~75%. And finally, in a 4/3 build the threshold is ~63%. These are important thresholds to take note of when deciding to go double Ygg or Ygg+Alex.  However you also want to take into account how many 4* katanas you have, because it will be easier to maintain a higher %HP with the HP from katanas when using double Yggdrasil.


Enmity is a tricky thing to quantify, because I think it is harder to force lower HP (especially without an on-element Zooey) than it is to maintain high HP.  And Earth’s self punching chars have their own self-buffs, do they even need an enmity grid to cap? This question and the kind of playstyle you can support are questions you should be asking yourself and finding the answer to before you dive into Magna Earth enmity.

Here is another graph showing three builds: 5K/2X, 3K/3A/1X, and 3K/3A/Bow.  This is the combined version that shows both the Ygg+Alex and Ygg+Ygg on the same graph.

Figure 6. Bow/Katana/Axe Builds comparison. Graphs produced using motocal. Legend is below.

5K/2X – Yellow (Ygg+Alex) and Light Blue (Double Ygg)
3K/3A/1X – Red (Y+A) and Purple (2Y)
3K/3A/Bow – Blue (Y+A) and Green (2Y)

You’ll see around half the gains or less at full HP if you add a bow into your grid.  It will counteract some of the losses you receive from losing HP but will provide full hp levels of damage until you reach low health (<30%HP).  It is also sort of awkward around 25% HP as losing the axes’ stamina causes a large drop in damage; it is a fine line to balance.  That being said, the 3/3/Bow build never drops below standard sword damage and maintains much higher damage than 3/3/1 at percentages below 68% HP.

Double Yggdrasil and Katana HP

Once you reach 3 axes and have elemental attack buffs incorporated into your team, double Yggdrasil summons is ideal for maximizing damage at full HP.  If you add in 4* katanas, it is also ideal for survivability as you can reach amounts of HP that were previously only seen by light lords wielding 7+ swords or double vroons water lords.  4* katanas have a “small” HP skill, but this skill actually has a higher HP multiplier than other small Magna HP skills. At SLvl15, it gives ~14% HP while a regular small magna HP skill gives 12%. The katana also has counter skill, but I will basically ignore it in this article as the proc rate is very low and it is hard to quantify its damage/defensive output.

So what this means is if you have begun replacing your Ygg swords with Alex katanas, you may want to think about switching to double Ygg summons before it becomes optimal damage wise if you want the extra HP.  Extra HP comes with benefits like increased survivability and the fact that incoming damage doesn’t drop your HP%/stamina damage as much.

The math will be slightly more complicated than this and the HP gains will depend on your base stats (weapons/summons), emp’s and other factors.  But, very roughly, if you see a 2k gain in HP (say 10k to 12k HP) from swapping a sword to a katana in Ygg+Alex, you will likely see a ~3k gain in HP (10k to 13k) when using double Ygg.  

Once you reach three 4* katanas, you can go even further and get a fourth to replace the Xeno.  The damage is pretty much identical to 3/3/1 (actually 0.1% higher in favour of four katanas) and you will be rewarded with even more HP.  Note that this is only the case for double Ygg summons, you will see a drop in damage when using 4/3/0 with Ygg+Alex.

Using non-4* Axes and Katanas

Don’t use Katanas that are not 4*’d… unless you don’t have enough 4* Ygg swords already.

Can non-4* axes offer any significant gains while we are on our way to fully uncapping them? Let’s see:

Figure 7. Sword/Axe Builds using 0*,3* and/or 4* Axes. S=Sword, A=Axe, X=Xeno.  Refer to table for builds.
Figure 8. Sword/Axe Builds with 50% ele atk using 0*, 3* and/or 4* Axes. S=Sword, A=Axe, X=Xeno.  Refer to table for builds.
Table 2. Party Averaged Expected Turn Damage comparison of Sword/Axe builds with 0*, 3* and/or 4* axes. All builds are compared to the 6S/2X Yggdrasil + Alexiel build (Standard Swords).

So right out of the gate an SLvl10 0* axe can give you around a 8-9% increase in damage over the regular sword build!  That’s pretty decent, but unlike a 4* axe, your damage will drop below standard sword damage at much higher percentages when using 0* axes.  

I think using one non-4* axe is perfectly fine and will give you some nice gains at high HP but you will have to be more conscious about maintaining your HP.  For short fights or fights where you know you will take little to no damage you could probably slot in a second non-4*. Just be aware that the increase in full HP damage from a second 0* axe is pretty small (<3%, kek) and your damage will drop off faster when you lose HP.

You can also observe that it’s generally better to stay Ygg+Alex in these scenarios and that adding a 0* axe when you already have a 4* axe offers a very small increase in full HP damage and makes your damage drop off a lot harder!  So again, unless you are guaranteed full/high HP, I recommend just sticking with one 4* axe and do not add others until they are also 4*.

5* Magna Earth Grids

Up until now, we have been comparing 4* swords against 4* katanas.  What kind of damage improvements do 5* swords offer?

Proceeds to throw graphs and numbers at you.

Figure 9. Sword/Katana/Axe Builds using 4* Katanas or 4*/5* Swords. S=Sword, A=Axe.  Refer to table for builds.
Figure 10. Sword/Katana/Axe Builds using 4* Katanas or 4*/5* Swords rotating through varying levels of elemental attack buffs (0%/30%/50%). S=Sword, A=Axe.  Refer to table for builds.
Table 3. Party Averaged Expected Turn Damage comparison of Sword/Katana/Axe builds with 4* Katanas or 4*/5* Swords. All builds are compared to the 6S/2X Yggdrasil + Alexiel build (Standard Swords).

Yggdrasil + Alexiel

Five 5* swords offer a ~10% increase over 4* swords and a ~7% increase over 4* katanas.  This means after it’s all said and done, each 5* sword offers around a 2% increase on average.  The improvement is pretty much the same with or without elemental attack buffs as was the case in the other comparisons.  

When you look at the three axe builds, you can see that the increase is very similar!  We still get ~10% more damage with 5* swords vs 4* swords. So each sword here offers around a 3% increase.  With three 4* axes and three 5* swords, you’ll be sitting at a whopping 60% increase over the old standard build!

Double Yggdrasil

As the swords are boosted by Yggdrasil, we should see slightly larger improvements from upgrading to 5* swords when using double Ygg.  And we do, at least when axes are involved. The gains are smaller when its just five 5* swords because you suffer from too much diminishing returns.  When axes are thrown into the mix we see the 10% gain from 5* swords turn into a ~12% gain. Meaning each sword is an average of a 4% increase in damage.

If you get to the point where you have 5* swords, once you get three you can actually improve your grid by a small amount by replacing your Xeno with another 5* sword.  However the difference is quite small (<1%) and also quite costly as 5* uncaps are not cheap.


At the time of writing this SLvl 20 for Large Magna Enmity has not been implemented on motocal.  I will update this section sometime in the future.

Swords vs Katanas

If we use 5* swords over 4* katanas we see a 7% larger increase in damage, but is this worth it? Well that is for you to decide.  Katanas offer an HP skill while swords offer a bit more damage and that HP skill synergizes well with axes/stamina/double Ygg.

Depending on your pluses and summon stats, you should be able to reach around 30k HP (40k MC) pretty easily with 3-4 katanas.

Katanas are pretty hard to obtain…but 5* swords also require a lot of anima.  So unless you are not getting any red/blue chests while farming for anima you should probably get a katana drop here and there.  It is up to you whether or not you want to invest into 5* swords or 4* katanas (I guess you could do both, but why?).  

I personally think that the HP katanas provide is more valuable than a 7% increase in damage.  And remember, that 7% is based on the difference in damage gained vs standard swords.  If we compare them directly (using the 50% ele atk 3/3/1 scenario as an example), it would be 585k vs 553k, which would be a 5.7% increase in damage when replacing three 4* katanas with three 5* swords.  I think it is very likely that once you reach the point of three axes and are capable of choosing between 4* katanas and 5* swords, you will already be capping in many situations. This means that increasing your damage is probably not as important as maintaining high %HP, making the HP from katanas more valuable.

As noted before, because the damage between katanas and swords is so close, the weapon proficiencies of your party members can either widen or close the gap between 5* swords and 4* katanas.  So if you have a sword party, you sacrifice a bit more damage by switching to katanas than non-sword parties. In the grand scheme of things it shouldn’t be too much of an issue (as the HP gains are huge), but it can make a difference and might be something you want to consider.

The Cost of Uncaps

One of the most important things to consider when talking about 5* uncaps for Magna weapons and 4* uncaps for Magna II weapons, is the cost of uncapping.  The common resource between all these new uncaps (Omega summons’ 4*’s as well) is quartz! The weapons have a base cost of 200 quartz while the summons require 500.  BUT, the summons and Magna II weapons require 10 Omega Animas (from Magna II raids) and Magna weapon 5*’s require 15. Each Omega Anima will cost you 10 regular anima and 30 quartz!  Omega Animas are very rare drops so you will most likely get the majority of yours from the trade shop, but if you do get a drop, that is 30 quartz saved! The quartz costs are as follows:

  • 4* Yggdrasil Omega uncap: 500 Earth Quartz + 10 Alexiel Omega Anima (300) = 800 Earth Quartz
  • 4* Nibelung Horn/Klinge uncap: 200 Earth Quartz + 10 Alexiel Omega Anima (300) = 500 Earth Quartz (1500 for 3 axes, 2000 for 4 katanas)
  • 5* Yggdrasil Crystal Balde Omega uncap: 200 Earth Quartz + 15 Alexiel Omega Anima (450) = 650 Earth Quartz (2600 for 4)

To upgrade a standard sword build to a 4* Yggdrasil Omega main summon with three 4* Nibelung Horns and four 4* Nibelung Klinges, you need a total of 4300 Earth Quartz!

Effect of 4* Yggdrasil Omega and Uncap Priority

I talked a lot about grids and weapons, but for the sake of knowing the order of priority for what to spend our quartz on, how much of a damage increase will we see from uncapping our Yggdrasil?  Let’s look at the following builds as examples: 5S/2X, 4S/1A(0*)/2X, 4S/1A(4*)/2X, and 4S/2A(4*)/1X, using our own Yggdrasil as main summon and a 140% Alexiel friend.

Table 4. Party Averaged Expected Turn Damage comparison of Sword/Axe builds with 0* or 4* Axes and 3*/4* Yggdrasil. All builds are compared to their 3*/4* Yggdrasil counterparts.
Figure 11. Sword/Axe Builds using 0* or 4* axes and either 3* or 4* Yggdrasil.  Refer to the legend below for builds.

I have included the numbers but looking at this graph is my preferred way to see which upgrades are best, here is a legend of the plots so you can decipher what is what:
5S/2X – Purple (3* Ygg) and Blue (4* Ygg)
4S/1A(0*)/2X – Light Blue (3*) and Red (4*)
4S/1A(4*)/2X – Pink (3*) and Yellow (4*)
4S/2A(4*)/1X – Light Green (3*) and Green (4*)

Purple is our starting point.  The first upgrade is likely to be a 0* axe, as you hopefully get a drop or buy one with prestige on your way to your first 10 omega anima; this leaves us at Light Blue.  From here we can spend our quartz and anima on either a 4* Axe or a 4* Yggdrasil Omega. If you happen you have luck sacked your way into a 3* Axe by this point, go ahead and uncap that instead of your Yggdrasil.  If not, 4*’ing your Yggdrasil is your only other option, but still a good improvement.

Between choosing a second 4* axe (Light Green) and 4* Yggdrasil (Yellow), I would choose Yggy.  The full HP damage isn’t as high, but the stamina drop off is not nearly as severe. Also, at the risk of assuming your drops (or dama usage), you should really be gated by drops at this point rather than anima/quartz, so uncapping your Ygg before a second axe is very likely the next step in progression.

Anyway, here is my order of priority for uncaps:

4* Yggdrasil = 1st 4* Axe > 2nd/3rd 4* Axes > 4* Katanas.

If you have extra anima/quartz and got a bunch of katana drops feel free to 4* those while you are waiting for axe drops.

Conclusion TL;DR

General Grid:

Alternate “I can cap with a Bow in my Grid” Bow Grid:

I recommend the use of double Yggdrasil summons, as it will provide 100% crit from three axes.  In addition, you get more HP from katanas and the damage is equal/better to Ygg+Alex as long as you have some elemental attack buffs (an ultima MH is enough on its own).  The bow build should also use double Ygg.  You don’t necessarily need to have all these 4* katanas, or 5* swords, to get big gains; the damage gains are basically all from the axes.  However, working towards replacing your 4* swords with 4* katanas will generally make utilizing the axes much easier.

In terms of adding an Ultima to this grid…I made my Ultima Sword Earth, so I can easily slot it in my MH instead of the GW Dagger.  If you do not have an Earth Ultima weapon, I would recommend replacing the Bahamut Weapon (or Xeno if using only three katanas).  Ultima weapons are op, you should be trying to fit them into your girds.

If you have an AK-4A, that would also replace the Bahamut Weapon.  So if you want to grid both the AK and an Ultima, you would remove the Bahamut Weapon and a katana/xeno.  Leaving you with three axes, three katanas, an AK, your Ultima, Uriel, and your MH.  Note that with normal weapons like AK-4A and Baha, depending on how many normal buffs you have (and their uptime) these choices may not be optimal for pure damage output, so make sure you take normal buffs into consideration with your grid!

Additionally, while progressing you should really take note of your damage and whether or not you cap all the time.  If you do, start considering weapons that can increase your cap like Baihu Claw (Malus) and Greatsword Andalius.  When at cap, you can also increase your damage by multi-attacking more often/consistently.  Options are sort of lacking here but you can use the HP + DA/TA baha weapons.  These weapons would be a larger hit to your grid damage compared to Baihu/Andalius; the difference is 18-20% normal modifer and 7% cap up versus 10%DA/8%TA and 40% HP.  There is also the All-Might Spear, but its cap up only applies to charge attacks/ougis.  And of course, ultima is the best cap up weapon (but you should be using this already) as you have an extremely strong base skill along with the choice of cap up for skills/autos/ougis (and I guess chain burst).

Just like in wind, it is also possible for Earth to have a full team of characters with the serpahic weapon’s blessing skill as a passive.  This would require you to have both 5* GW characters and Yggdrasil on the same team (unless I’m missing a character that has the passive) but you can consider using a different weapon in place of Uriel’s fist if this applies to you; make sure to calc/test it out though.

TL;DR Magna Earth Progression

– Have at most five 4* Yggdrasil Crystal Blade Omegas
– Use a Bahamut and/or Atma/Ultima Weapon
– Use Gauntlet of Uriel
– 4* your Yggdrasil Omega summon
– Get three 4* Nibelung Horns (uncapping one at a time is probably the best)
– Have a source of Elemental Attack on your team
– Replace your swords with 4* Katanas

Lasty, make sure you know what you are getting into when choosing any of these builds and what kind of HP percentages you need to keep to optimize your damage.  Make sure you choose a grid that can be supported by your team/playstyle!

Here again is the link to the motocal data so that you can play around with inputting weapons, summon stats, characters and buffs to find out what is optimal for you!

Thank you Ninaverse, as always, for helping me proofread!

And thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: I am just an unqualified nerd, my word is not gospel and if you find errors in my work please let me know!  I am not liable for your losses or sadness if this grid does not stay meta for a period of time long enough for your liking after you used a tonne of your time and resources to obtain it.

Why on earth are you still here, go show Alexiel your love.

16 thoughts on “Pooky’s Ponderings – Getting Down and Dirty With Alex – Omega/Magna Earth Grid Guide”

    • Unfortunately water is probably one of the last ones I will do. My initial rough calcs have shown nothing really changes for it, so it is pretty uninteresting/not really worth to write a big article on.

  1. really impressive! but isn’t chasing more ‘pure’ data by ignoring variable factors like buffs, class, party comp, emps, etc going to skew the results? even fairly conservative changes like a couple hundred plus marks, limit bonus stats, and a 30% rage buff (which is low-balling it considering the number of summons/buffers who provide this) seems to favor a xeno weapon, which has been kicked out of your ygg x ygg grid.

    I get that trying to account for everything is an infinite rabbit-hole, but even a rough guess at 1 or 2 common setups would give more accurate results.

    • You said it yourself, it’s an infinite rabbit hole, which is why I provide a link to my motocal, and mention that everyone should use it, so that people can enter in their specific scenario and buffs. I believe doing this is much better than me even doing a few examples. Because if I do one or two specific examples I will have everyone start asking me to do individual calculations for them or the “other common ones” that I didn’t do; I’m just not going to step into that kind of massive workload without any compensation.

      That said, there are really only two flex slots that should be able to be changed, the Baha weapon and your mainhand, everything else is pretty much fixed (3-4 swords/katanas, 3 axes, 0-1 bows, uriels). I also mention that you should be using ultima, which would replace baha in most cases, so that only really leaves your mainhand left to be changed. So even with everyone’s individual setups/buffs/etc, the grid shouldn’t change too much.

  2. Is there any possibility that you’d be willing to make an article about making grids in general? I’ve been playing GBF for over a year now and I still feel like a newbie when it comes to grid composition. For example, the general rule of thumb that I read before was really get a grid that has Normal, Magna and EX weapons in there. Then further modify that based off of your summon. The explained math and the reasoning past that gets iffy and unfortunately lost.

    Most explanations of grid composition unfortunately automatically assumes that you solidly understand everything. Your wind and earth articles are really clear to read, even your fist article. It would be great if there would be some reference to have people like me catch up to speed and truly understand what these articles are saying.

    • Thats definitely something I’ve considered. In the past, I have thought about making a motocal guide and also doing a write up on why magna2 weapons (specfically the grim harp/alex axe) end up pushing out the unknown that is normally a staple in grids. Last time I went to go about writing again motocal was not working for me so it was put on hold and now writing is on the backburner. I’ve been thinking about my approach to guides and I’m not sure I like how they have currently turned out, hopefully I can figure it all out and start writing again; would definitely like this site to be a go to resource for players of all levels of granblue experience.

  3. Woah. Thank you very much for this all. This is so much helping for those who need something to aim at, very very helpful !!!

    So basically, even if enmity, stamina,and atk magna skill are all grouped the same magna mod they multiply with each other, so i assume the character with unique buff even more valuable. (ayer enmity mod, as the only one i can call).

    For me, your guide is good already, it just has too many word to read (as expected of deep explanation).
    Therr is simulation and explanation, tough some people may be overwhelmed…

    But the graph is really helping me skim through it.

    Thank you once again.

    Oh yeah,as monica and arcarum sage(?) are coming, maybe there will be more stuff to find out, you know, a another set of juuten should be core, especially in fire.

  4. I hope this guides are going to be updated with the new weapon today but oh well.

    It is still very useful and the information still can be use if you want to create your own grids and stuff.

    Thank you for this Pooky, I learned alot though.

  5. Hi pooky,

    As kengo I tried Cain katana 4* mh, 4 alex kata 4*, 3 axe 4*, 1 cosmo kata 4* and 1*magna opus 4* with ca cap (sinc I have Eathe uncp that 3% less from uriel don’t bother me). Cain caglio eatha (waiting to have alexiel and kick caglio)
    Or as Cryo, mh xeno sw, sub weapon cain’s kata. To compensate the addition of xeno I removed an Axe, since caglio s2 make me reach 100% anyway the first 4 turns and even later I have around 72%+emp. The both comps/grid work pretty good


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