Porky’s Ponderings – Clawing Back Into the Meta – Omega/Magna Dark Grid Guide

Clawing back into the meta – omega/magna dark grid guide

Setting the Stage

Welcome to the Magna Dark edition of Porky’s Ponderings!  Gimme a fist bump and let’s bring home the bacon.

If you ever wanted to know how to MVP all the things in 2016, you’ve come to the right place.

Celeste-ial grids haven’t changed much in the past two years!  But nonetheless, I will teach you how to properly equip your claws on your floaty to ensure no wardrobe malfunctions occur.  So grab some punch, get your sip on, and let’s get right to the fisting.

There is also an amazing pun in store for you once you finish reading my guide!

Table of Contents

4* Magna Dark Grids
Fist Focused Grids
Axe Focused Grids
Damage by the Numbers
Double Celeste
5* Magna Dark Grids
Effect of 4* Celeste and Uncap Priority
Cost of Uncaps
Conclusion and TL;DR

Important things before we start:

I will always recommend that you try calculating and testing your own builds to find out what the best setup is for your specific scenario/conditions. There are a lot of variables that can affect your damage that I cannot cover in this write-up.  

In this article I mainly focus on the “Party-Averaged Exp. Turn Damage” on motocal (Expected DPT).  This number takes into account your double attack, triple attack, and critical hit rates as well as ougi/charge attack damage.  And for my purposes, is also based on a party consisting of a Luchador Main Character (MC), Six, Dijon and SS Zooey.

Builds that include a Bahamut Weapon are assumed to have 75% coverage, as Six doesn’t need help multi-attacking.

Make sure to click the graphs/tables if you want to see the higher resolution versions!


I am going to make the following assumptions for my calculations:

  • Player rank 155
  • Luchador class for MC
  • All “Speciality WPN DMG” nodes maxed for MC
  • Any element enemy with general defense and capped defense down, “5.0 (General -50% DEF)” on motocal
  • 10k attack and 3.5k hp from summons
  • 3* (100%) Celeste Omega summon(s) and 3* (120%) Bahamut summon

Unless otherwise noted, only the following weapons will be considered:

  • Coda Bahamut Weapon (Slvl15, will use fist in calcs)
  • 4* Celeste Claw Omega
  • 4* Celeste Zaghnal Omega
  • Cosmic Gauntlet
  • Main Hand Weapon – Unite and Fight (Guild War) Element Changed Fist

I will use Fist here, but other common MH weapons to consider are:

  • Fist of Bahamut Coda
  • Celeste Claw Omega

I’m going to only consider teams consisting of Six, Dijon and SS Zooey; because anything else is for non-MVP plebs.

Here is a link to the motocal data so that you can play around with inputting weapons, summon stats, characters and buffs to find out what is optimal for you!

4* Magna Dark Grids

Fist Focused Grids

The reviews are out and so are the walls of text.  Amma has taken over and here are the results of his research:

Figure 1. All you need to know about fist grids.


Figure 2. (Upper) Alternative grid that doesn’t use GW Fist MH, because you don’t need mirror image if you never get hit.  (Lower) The good curve is for fists; axes are flatlining.

Conclusion and TL;DR

Standard Fightclub Build:

Fistfuls of HP Meta (useful for UBHL):

Lewd Handholding Leads to Sixy Time – Six makes a move on Zooey:

Not much to say here, we don’t need 100% Crit and we don’t need to think.  Just conjunction and punch to win; EZ MVP BOIS!

If you don’t want to be stuck in 2016…make an early entrance into the 2019 meta by swapping out your GW fist for this BFF (think BFG):

This is all you need in order to modernize your punchstyle.

Due to something called “elemental resist” and the “rainbow meta” you may accessorize your life with the following mixes of fruit punch:

TL;DR Punchlife Progression

– If you didn’t already have one of the posted grids you have already lost

Shoutout to Amma for the guidance and council, I never would have made it this far without you.

Thanks for reading! See you next time.

Enjoy your first of April.

And remember kids, useless skirts are useless.

The pun you are looking for doesn’t exist, but look below for some punchlines.


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