Pooky’s Ponderings – Looking Directly into the Light – Part 1

Looking Directly into the Light – Part 1: Magna Edition

Guide Outdated! M2 has powercrept a grid full of swords, this guide should still be somewhat useful for M1 calculations and progression.
Setting the Stage

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a so-called “Light Lord”?  Well hopefully I can shed some light on the topic for you.

Swords swords swords swords swords swords swords swords is the general meme-y outlook on what light grids are supposed to look like.  Is this true? Let’s find out.

Here is what I’m going to cover…

Part 1:

Yes, I know it is called “Omega” in the English language option but I am way too used to using “Magna”, so that’s what I’m going with.

Part 2:

  • 4* Primal Light Grids – fully uncapped, skilled and leveled grids

I also have some blurbs on topics that may interest you:

  1. Huanglong Katana
  2. Cosmos BAL bonus
  3. Double Elemental Summons
  4. Using Korwa in Light

Important things before we start:

  • I will always recommend that you try calculating and testing your own builds to find out what the best setup is for your specific scenario/conditions. There are a lot of variables that can affect your damage that I cannot cover in this write up.  
  • In this article I mainly focus on the “Party-Average Exp. Turn Damage” on motocal (Expected DPT).  This number takes into account your double attack and triple attack (DA/TA) rates as well as ougi/charge attack damage.  It is also based on the Main Character’s (MC) damage.
  • Regarding Cosmos Weapons… I know that there are plenty of light SSR’s that are Balanced type and that Cosmos Sword BAL is particularly desirable.  It’s hard to assume how many of your characters are Balanced or if are you using a Balanced MC.  Hopefully my blurb and other comments cover enough about the usage of cosmos so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to use one.
  • Builds that include a Bahamut Weapon are assumed to have full coverage, that is, it affects all four members of your frontline.

3* Magna Light Grids

I am going to make the following assumptions for this scenario:

  • Player rank 125
  • No specific class/job selected
  • 18% attack from Mastery Bonus
  • 3k attack from Zeniths
  • Dark enemy with non-HL defense and capped defense down, “5.0 (General -50% DEF)” on motocal
  • 10k attack from Summons
  • MLB Luminiera Omega + FLB Lucifer main/support summons

In addition, only the following weapons will be considered:

  • Coda Bahamut Weapon (Slvl 10, +99, using dagger atk in this case)
  • One 4* Luminiera Sword Omega (you can pendant 4 from the shop, please do so)
  • 3* Luminiera Bolt Omega
  • 3* Luminiera Sword Omega kek
  • Huanglong Gauntlet
  • Generic Unknown (2k atk)
  • Huanglong Katana
  • Cosmos Gun/Cosmic Rifle BAL
  • Mainhand GW Weapon (using dagger atk in this case, but can represent harp/spear/etc. as well)

I’m assuming one +99 weapon, you could have more but for simplicity’s sake, this is what I’m doing.  I’m also assuming 10k summon attack, this is pretty achievable with one MLB gacha summon, Anat, and then Ifrit+Diablo or some other stat sticks.  There is no enmity to consider so it is pretty straightforward to calculate and compare these grids. The only variables we need to account for are Balanced/not Balanced and Huanglong Katana stacks.  Let’s take a look at some numbers!

Standard 3* Magna Light Grids
Figure 1. Rankings of standard 3* magna grids. Image taken from my workings on motocal (http://hsimyu.net/motocal-dev/).

From these numbers we can see that the “best” grid is:

  • 1 Coda Bahamut Weapon
  • 1 4* Luminiera Sword Omega
  • 5 3* Luminiera Bolt Omega
  • 1 Huanglong Gauntlet
  • 1 Other Unknown
  • GW MH

But if we look at the numbers more closely, we can see that the top 8 builds are all within approximately 1% of each other, so you can be flexible with whatever drops come your way. The 8th ranked build contains a Cosmos Gun BAL but does not take into account the 20% DA for balanced characters, so any type of Cosmos Gun can be used here (but beware of ATK cosmos if you have attack type characters).

Huanglong Katana in 3* Magna Light Grids

The 2nd ranked build includes the Huanglong Katana and this is without including Huanglong Katana’s stacking light attack up.  We can see that using the Katana over a second unknown provides essentially the same damage without the stacks, so let’s set motocal to always include it and add a 50% elemental attack buff to represent a fully stacked katana.

Figure 2. Rankings of 3* magna grids that include a fully stacked Huanglong Katana (50% light attack). Image taken from my workings on motocal (http://hsimyu.net/motocal-dev/).

It’s easy to see that a 50% elemental attack buff makes quite a substantial difference.  Here we can see that a fully stacked katana provides approximately a 17-18% increase in damage over no stacks.  

Whether or not you decide to use the katana is a different story…

Blurb 1 – Huanglong Katana

When considering the Huanglong Katana…Ask yourself if you:

  • can reliably keep up stacks (you are likely gonna need to be a healer or have a healer frontline).
  • can afford to take on a -20% HP modifier
  • are willing to manage the stacks and deal with the added animation time

AND ask:

  • how long will it take you to reach full stacks?
  • is the fight long enough to fully stack and/or maintain stacks?
  • is there a dispel ougi/trigger that erases your stacks?

Another, albeit smaller, point of consideration is if you have other sources of elemental buffs or are using double elemental summons; you will see some diminishing returns from the katana.

I mentioned the managing/animation time because while it will definitely be an increase on your damage per turn, it is possible the time spent managing the stacks and watching the buff animation may not necessarily result in a damage per second increase.  Note that this is really only relevant in racing scenarios, which you probably won’t be worrying too much about if you only have a 3* or less grid.  But I figured this is worth mentioning because the katana will be included in the fully uncapped examples as well; it is definitely something worth thinking about.

Another important thing to consider if you are using/wanting to use the katana, is how long it will take you to reach max stacks.  If you only have the minimum amount of healing skills to maintain stacks (one healing skill every 3 turns), it will take you 13 turns to reach 5 stacks. And if this is your case, this makes your setup inherently fragile as any effects that stop you from casting these stack-essential healing skills will result in your stacks dropping.  Having extra healing skills for redundancy (or veil to protect your characters) may be something you need to consider on fights where there are disabling effects or when you absolutely need to use one of your healing skills on a specific turn.

Note: one healing skill every three turns can be achieved with two healing skills with 6 turn cd or less or, of course, a 3t cd healing skill (DF/CR MC with clear).

All my calculations are done with 5 stacks!  So anytime you aren’t at 5 stacks you will be doing less damage than my theoretical estimates.  In the 13 turns to max stacks scenario, for the first 12 turns you will not be experiencing the full benefits of the katana.

If you can fully utilize the katana, go for it!  But please make sure you also fully understand the pros and cons of its use and upkeep.

Cosmos BAL in 3* Magna Light Grids

Now let’s see what having 20% DA from Balanced characters with a Cosmos will do to the expected damage.  If you do not have a full balanced party, focus your attention to the Expected DPT value that isn’t in (parentheses) in order to get an idea of how the bonus DA may benefit your individual balanced characters.

Figure 3. Rankings of standard 3* magna grids with Cosmos BAL bonus (20% DA) taken into account. Image taken from my workings on motocal (http://hsimyu.net/motocal-dev/).
Figure 4. Ranking of 3* magna grids that include a fully stacked Huanglong Katana (50% Light attack) and the Cosmos BAL bonus (20% DA). Image taken from my workings on motocal (http://hsimyu.net/motocal-dev/).

Note that here I do not change the MC class from “no job” to anything in the hawkeye or sidewinder class trees, but rather just add a 20% DA buff. Why? Because this isolates the effect of being Balanced rather than also lumping in the effect of having gun proficiency by being hawkeye/sidewinder.  Hopefully this gives you more of an idea of how it will affect the damage of your party members, as a Balanced type MC class isn’t used as often as others.

By making the cosmos mandatory, we really push out any possible variance we might have had in the builds.  We are left with one optimal build as all the lower ranked builds use sub-optimal replacements.  An example of this is in Figure 3, where build #2 uses a generic unknown instead of the gauntlet, which is strictly a downgrade.  In the katana builds, the optimal weapon to remove for the cosmos is a bolt, with the gauntlet being a secondary option.

I will now drop a table of numbers on you to show you how the following top ranked builds compare.

Builds compared:
1: Max. standard build (#1 in fig. 1) – Baha, Sword, 5 Bolts, Gauntlet, 2nk unk, MH
2: Max. standard build w/ cosmos (#7 in fig. 1) – Baha, Sword, 5 Bolts, Gauntlet, Cosmos, MH
3: Build 2 w/ 20% bonus DA (#1 in fig. 3) – same grid as 2

K1: Max. katana build (#1 in fig. 2) – Baha, Sword, 5 Bolts, Gauntlet, Katana, MH
K2: Max. katana build w/ cosmos (#5 in fig. 2) – Baha, Sword, 4 Bolts, Gauntlet, Katana, Cosmos, MH
K3: Build K2 w/ 20% bonus DA (#1 in fig. 4) – same grid as K2

Table 1. A comparison between the best non-cosmos builds and the best cosmos builds.

Builds 2 and K2 are included to show how non-balanced characters will be affected by the addition of a Cosmos BAL weapon.  Regarding 3 vs 2 and K3 vs K2, we can see that the addition of 20% DA gives both builds a 15.76% damage increase.  This is because, in a vacuum, DA/TA is essentially a flat damage modifier so a 20% DA buff should result in a similar damage increase across all builds, assuming everything else stays constant.

We also see that using the katana still provides a hefty improvement after including a cosmos.

Blurb 2 – Cosmos BAL Bonus

Even if you only have one balanced character, a Cosmos BAL appears to be worth it.  In the above cases, one balanced character will see an improvement of more than 10% while non-balanced characters will see 1-3% decreases compared to the best builds with no cosmos.  This means that you will likely see more gains than losses (+14.43% vs -3.48% in standard builds and +12.27% vs -9.06% in katana builds) with just one balanced character.  

I say “appears to be worth it” because this conclusion heavily weighs on the fact that no other DA/TA buffs are present.  Below is table showing the improvement 20% DA from cosmos will give under differing scenarios.

Table 2. Expected increase in auto attack damage from the 20% DA buff to balanced characters from a Cosmos BAL weapon.

Table 2 is just something I manually calculated and only considers auto attacks (unlike motocal, which also includes ougis/charge attacks).  The numbers should also be accurate regardless of how much attack power you have.  I made this to show the diminishing returns from stacking DA/TA buffs.  We can see that the value of 20% DA decreases heavily as TA increases and decreases slightly as other sources of DA increase.  This topic is independent of light builds and just something in general you might want to consider.

Ougi turns and guaranteed DA/TA buffs (Jeanne/Ferry) also detract from the value of any other DA/TA buffs including, but not limited to, the DA from Cosmos BAL bonus.  In a full Ferry cycle DA/TA buffs will not be providing you with any extra damage for 5 out of 12 turns.  If you have Ferry, play around with different setups to figure out if buffing the 7 turns of Ferry downtime is something you want to have or not.  However, I would like to note that, without the striketime bonus, additional DA/TA helps you activate the first Ferry cycle faster, although this can be achieved through various methods (like sky realm song from superstar or call of the abyss from elysian), not just the bonus from a Cosmos BAL.  This highlights the fact that benefit of DATA is not limited to just extra damage, but also provides additional ougi charge generation.

So taking all this into consideration…it’s possible that any other DA/TA buffs could push the gains for a single balanced character to be less than or equal to the losses for the non-balanced characters.  Therefore, I would say that it is iffy to use a Cosmos BAL with just one balanced character.  If you have two or more, it is much more safe to assume you will experience an overall damage increase, but this heavily depends on your setup/how much other DATA you have.

Another important factor in a cosmos’ effectiveness is how many plusses you have and how you distribute them.  In the above scenarios the plusses are on the bahamut weapon (following the assumption that it is used in multiple grids), but if you want to maximize your cosmos it would be more wise to place plusses on the weapon type of your cosmos.

Conclusions for 3* Magna Light Grids:
  • Get a Coda Bahamut Weapon that fits your team
  • Get your one free (pendanted) 4* Sword
  • Get the Huanglong Gauntlet
  • If you want to and can properly utilize it, feel free to get and use the Katana
  • Get 3-5 Bolts and uncap at your discretion
  • Get a Cosmos Gun BAL at your discretion

Because this is essentially a transition grid, how much you invest into it is at your own discretion.  Consider how soon/badly you want or need an operational Light grid and if you are willing to invest into things you may not use later, like Lumi Bolts or a Cosmos Gun. If you have a wind grid, a Cosmos Gun can serve double duty.  If you do not already have a cosmos it could take anywhere from a little effort (luck sack a share chest) to lots of effort (trading with horns) to obtain one, so keep that in mind.  

Uncapping the bolts to 3* from 0* provides approximately a 12-15% boost.  If you want to invest as little into bolts as possible (but still have a working light grid), pick up 3-4 0* slvl10 bolts and replace them later.  If you don’t want to touch light until you have a plethora of swords, you probably don’t want to invest much, or anything at all, into bolts (read the 4* Magna Grid section to find out why).

All that being said…if you are heavily invested into light or it is your starting element, your bolts will see a lot of use and making 3* bolts is likely a good idea.  And if you have less than 7 swords, a few 4* Lumi Bolts will be optimal in your grid until you reach light lord status.

FYI – I did check double elemental and double magna for these grids, and magna/elemental always came out on top.

4* Magna Light Grids

I am going to make the following assumptions for this scenario:

  • Player Rank 155
  • No specific class/job selected
  • 18% attack from Mastery Bonus
  • 3k attack from Zeniths
  • Dark enemy with non-HL defense and capped defense down, “5.0 (General -50% DEF)” on motocal
  • 11k attack from Summons
  • MLB Luminiera Omega + FLB Lucifer main/support summons (w/ a look at double elemental)

In addition, only the following weapons will be considered:

  • Coda Bahamut Weapon (Slvl 15, +99, using dagger’s atk in this case)
  • 4* Luminiera Sword Omega
  • 4* Luminiera Bolt Omega
  • Huanglong Gauntlet
  • Generic Unknown (2k atk)
  • Huanglong Katana
  • Cosmos Gun/Sword
  • 3* Gungnir (Odin Spear)
  • Mainhand GW Weapon (+99)

I’m arbitrarily adding 1k summon atk (one more MLB gacha summon/more summon plusses?) and another 99 weapon plusses.  The weapon plusses are going on the MH so it stays in every build, for simplicity’s sake.  Everything will be considered to be max. skill and weapon level.

MLB Gungnirs only fit into grids with 3 or less swords and offers very little improvement. I personally do not think they are worth the effort or resources for a player that only has a Lumi summon available to them.

Standard 4* Magna Light Grids
Figure 5. Expected DPT of standard 4* magna grids that vary in their amount of swords. Image taken from my workings on motocal (http://hsimyu.net/motocal-dev/).

Here I show builds that follow the formula of Baha, 7 combined swords/bolts, Huanglong Gauntlet and MH.  Starting with a 1 sword build (blue), we progressively trade in a bolt for a sword until we get to the 7 sword build (pink).  We can see the actual expected damage per turn and incremental increase with each sword in the table below.

Table 3. Comparison between standard 4* magna grids with varying amounts of swords. Bonus builds are included to show the low and high end expected DPT’s of varying levels of progress.

So as you can see, the incremental value of each additional sword goes down as you collect more.  More swords is better but due to the limit you can buy from pendants and their rarity, you can safely say that maxing out on swords is a long term and/or high resource project.  If you got the luck and the berries you can probably get swords in a timely manner.  If you don’t have the drive to smash your face into lumi raids all magnafest, it will be a long term project.  I also wouldn’t fault you at stopping your sword grind at any point before 7 or 8 swords, as the effort to gains ratio becomes pretty damn high.

I added the bonus builds just to show some other interesting numbers.  The 0 sword build has 6 bolts and a cosmos gun instead of 7 combined magna weapons.  The 7 sword builds use a baha weapon unless otherwise noted.  The 8 sword builds have the MH and either a baha or cosmos weapon to round out the grid (cosmos builds are noted).  

If you don’t have very many plusses it looks like 8 swords, baha and MH is the best by a slim margin.  A Cosmos Sword gains priority over the baha weapon once you start obtaining more plusses.  If you are looking to fully max out, you’ll want a full +99 grid with 8 swords and cosmos.  I know I have omitted 9 swords, but if you have that…you probably don’t some random internet person’s advice.  Note that if the bahamut weapon was replaced, I did make sure to add +99 on to another weapon in the build to keep the total plusses consistent.

The 0 sword build has a 14.1% lower expected DPT than the 8 sword build.

I didn’t talk too much about bolt-only builds, but I left this note to show the kind of improvement you can expect from grinding out swords.

Keep in mind that the 20% DA to balanced characters is not taken into account here.  If you have a balanced team, a Cosmos Gun BAL will be replacing your gauntlet as long as you still have 3-4 bolts.  Once you get to 4+ Swords the switch to Cosmos Sword BAL can be made and it can replace either a bolt or the gauntlet.

Blurb 3 – Double Elemental Summons

Just as a quick aside, if you have your own fancy 4* Lucifer and a second unknown weapon (replacing a bolt), double elemental builds only see 3-4% reductions in expected DPT starting at just one sword.  This difference slowly closes as more swords are added.  Once you reach six or more swords there is no significant difference in the expected DPT between double ele and magna/ele builds; at this point a Cosmos Sword also begins to equally compete with the second unknown.  

Double elemental usually has more benefits for off-element fights, but I am not covering that here.  Elemental advantage gives a 50% elemental modifier and gives diminishing returns with double elemental summons, so it is less worth in these situations.  However, it does offer you the potential of 2 4* Luci summon calls which is vastly superior to one Luci call plus a Lumi summon call.

If your team/build/playstyle involves elemental buffs, it is better to stay magna/ele, as you will see less diminishing returns than you would if you ran double elemental summons.

Huanglong Katana in 4* Magna Light Grids

So all this was done considering only varying amounts of swords and bolts in addition to baha, unknown and cosmos weapons.  What about when we throw a Huanglong Katana or some Gungnirs into the mix?  Well as I said previously, Gungnirs really aren’t good for optimizing damage in magna grids.  You can consider having one for use as a MH for spear classes, but there are other options for that as well (event unks/GW spear/Huanglong Spear/etc.).  So that leaves the katana, let’s take a look.

Table 4. Comparison between 4* magna grids that include a fully stacked Huanglong Katana with varying amounts of swords. Bonus builds are included to show the low and high end expected DPT’s of varying levels of progress.

The 0 sword build uses baha, 6 bolts, gauntlet, katana and mh.  Compared to the previous builds…the katana replaces a bolt in the builds with 4 or less swords.  In the builds with 5 or more swords, the katana replaces the gauntlet.  The exceptions being the “7 w/ Cosmos” builds and 8 sword builds, where the baha is replaced as there is no other weapon that can be removed.  And again, the 20% DA from being balanced is not included; if you have a balanced team the cosmos replaces the gauntlet.

If you are using both Cosmos and the Katana, with 6 swords or less, substitute them into the standard build by removing the gauntlet and a bolt.

For example:
6 swords – baha, 6 swords, katana, cosmos, MH
5 swords – baha, 5 swords, 1 bolt, katana, cosmos, MH

There are a few observations we can make here.  Once we add the katana, each sword addition makes less of an incremental difference than it did without the katana.  We also see that the katana gives less of an improvement when you have more swords, this is likely due to the diminishing returns from stacking so many normal attack skills.  In addition, the 6, 7 and 8 sword builds are extremely close in expected DPT.  This is good news for those looking to farm less swords, because even with 5 swords your expected DPT is only ~0.7% less than an 8 sword build.  Comparing this to the standard builds…a 5 sword build is ~2% less than an 8 sword build.  However, if you are using a cosmos sword in the katana builds, the 5 sword build ends up being ~3% less expected DPT than a 7 sword build.

So in the end, if you want to max out with a katana build, you will still want to farm 7 swords.  I say 7 swords because unless you are using a Lumi Sword, Cosmos Sword or Huanglong Katana as your mainhand, you will not be able to fit all these weapons into your grid with 8 Lumi Swords.

With Huanglong Katana, the 0 sword build has a 7.7% lower expected DPT than the 8 sword build.

Again, noting the end result of the sword grind.

The maximum standard build has an 8.6% lower expected DPT than the maximum katana build.

The maximum standard build with a fully plussed grid has a 7.9% lower expected DPT than the maximum katana build that is also fully plussed.

These are interesting numbers to look at.  Because a strong argument can definitely be made that the downsides of using the katana do not outweigh this ~8% difference we see here.  Even if you started at 5 stacks, the maintenance time and likely loss of an EX skill (MC probably has a heal/clear to maintain stacks) would probably not result in a net DPS gain for racing situations.  So adding in the ramp up time and possibility of losing stacks, or the sacrifices that need to be made in order to ensure they never drop, the katana ends up not being very useful for increasing your DPS.

If I had to make a recommendation, I would say that it is probably no longer worth it to use the katana once you have 4+ swords.

And again, in the builds where the bahamut weapon was removed, I made sure to add in +99 somewhere else to compensate.

Blurb 4 – Using Korwa in Light (WARNING: Long Blurb Ahead)

Korwa is often used in other elements, so how does she fare in Light? Before dumping the numbers on you, there are plenty of light characters that want to ougi (charge attack) often: Lucio, Jeanne, Clarisse, Rosamia, Amira, Albert, Juliet and to a lesser extend, Io.  5* Song/Tweyen also wants to ougi as much as possible for her crit buff, but keep in mind that some fights restrict the usage of paralyze to certain times/phases.  

Why does all this matter? It matters because Ferry is often used as the buffer for light and, in terms of ougi’ing as much as possible, her playstyle inherently does not use characters’ charge bars efficiently.  Korwa’s playstyle is quite the opposite as you essentially want to ougi as much as possible, this way you can take advantage of the various effects/buffs from the ougi’s of light characters.  There is also that small thing about Korwa…you get 145% attack (normal modifier), 40% DA and 25% TA with 10 Fil buffs, which is the main reason to use Korwa in the first place!

Obviously there are also downsides to using Korwa, including (but not limited to): losing an attacking character, susceptibility to dispels, the ramp up time, and a big loss in damage if/when you end up dropping the buffs or if you lose a character.  You usually also want another source of DA/TA and/or an ougi battery to successfully keep the buffs rolling for more than a few cycles, but this isn’t really a downside in my opinion, as in non-Korwa comps you are also going to want DA/TA buffs as well.  DA/TA is love, DA/TA is life.

I’ll discuss more about if you should use Korwa or not later, but let’s take a look at some numbers first.  

Table 5. A comparison of builds with 10 Fil Korwa buffs active.

Note that the “Expected DPT” shown is with 10 fil buffs, and the “Expected DPT w/o Korwa” is the same weapon grid except without any Korwa buffs (which represents DPT during the first few turns or any downtime).  The 75% column exists to show the average damage of a party member, as Korwa will not being doing any significant damage on her own, this allows us to unfairly compare it to the damage of the previous builds.  It is unfair because we have added Korwa’s buffs to the damage here, but the previous builds had no external buffs considered.  

The first thing we notice is that the expected DPT here is more two times higher than the previously shown builds.  As I mentioned before, this is because the fact there are no other/external buffs included in the other builds, so obviously the expected DPT will be much higher here.  The second thing we notice is that high bolt builds have the best damage with Korwa!  This is because Korwa’s attack buff has diminishing returns with the normal attack skill of swords.  However, in the grand scheme of things, the sword builds don’t suffer too much from this and more than make up for it with a much higher expected DPT on the turns without Korwa buffs.

When optimizing for damage under 10 Fil buffs, motocal provides us with builds that lack bahamut weapons as they also provide normal modifiers.  The opposite is also true, bahamut weapons are great for damage when there are no 10 Fil buffs.  This is very apparent when we compare the 1 sword build to the 2 sword build.  The 2 sword build has a bahamut weapon and its Korwa-less damage is much higher than its 1 sword counterpart, while its Korwa-fied damage is only slightly lower.  So while you can optimize for your Korwa-fied damage by lowering the normal modifiers in your grid, it tends to make your Korwa-less damage suffer more than you gain in your Korwa-fied damage.  Keeping a bahamut weapon (likely the dagger) also gives your Korwa much needed additional survivability via HP, as she will not benefit from any of the sword’s HP skills.

The expected single attack damage with 10 Fil buffs is in the ~360k range, while the non-Korwa builds have damage around ~210-220k.

The expected total party damage with 10 Fil buffs is around ~2.3mil, while the non-Korwa builds lie in the range of ~1.2m-1.4m.

Again, remember that this comparison is made unfairly.  Your regular damage buffs will have a tough time competing with Korwa’s, but you will aso likely have four attacking characters instead of three.  If you are capping your auto attacks without Korwa’s 145% attack buff, then using her is probably not the right choice for you.  If you are tired of never capping your autos with your light party, then try Korwa!  I encourage you to always try new things/compositions, maybe you will find you hate using Korwa, or maybe you try her here and then just gotta put her on all your teams.  This also applies to the game in general…keep experimenting! Maybe you will discover the next big meta breaking grid/composition.

Conclusions for 4* Magna Light Grids:
  • The sword meme is true, get lots of swords
  • Get a Coda Bahamut Weapon that fits your team
  • Get the Huanglong Gauntlet
  • Make 4* bolts according to your sword acquisition rate/ final desired sword count and/or willingness to spend gun stones and other resources on them
  • Obtain a Cosmos BAL weapon at your discretion; it’s most likely worth it if you have 2 or more balanced characters but depends on how many other sources of DATA you have.
  • If you do choose to include a cosmos… Cosmos Gun if you have 3-4+ bolts, Cosmos Sword with 4+ swords
  • If you cannot have full coverage with a bahamut weapon you’ll want to fill that spot with a cosmos or bolt, or the katana if you aren’t already using it.  Once you get to 7 swords a cosmos becomes competitive with a bahamut weapon, this is without counting the balanced bonus.
  • The benefit of the Huanglong Katana diminishes in value as you obtain more swords and probably has no place 4+ sword builds.

I never really talked about the HP you will get from swords.  This is a very tangible benefit in most situations, as you will be boasting much more HP than all the other pleb elements.  With only a small cut, you will likely be able to survive things non-light teams have to full cut.  A cosmos weapon will also provide you with more HP as well.  However, when bosses have attacks based on your maximum HP you can run into some difficulties.  Just something to keep in mind!

I’ll end Part 1 Here! Thanks for reading and I hope I have helped you in some way. This is my first attempt at this kind of thing so if you have any comments/tips/criticism let me know.  If you like content like this, make sure to come back to nina.guide every so often to stay up to date with Pooky’s Ponderings.  Part 2 of this series will be released next, where we will delve into the ins and outs of primal light builds.

Also thanks to my crewmates, Jobin and Hori, for helping out!

After reviewing community feedback on reddit, I have made some edits to the guide.  Notably toning down the benefits of the Cosmos BAL Bonus and the Huanglong Katana.  

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