Pooky’s Ponderings – Introduction

What is this?

Hi there.  Pooky’s Ponderings will be a series of articles that cover my thoughts and calculations for optimizing weapon grids in each element.

But why?

In Granblue Fantasy, I frequently get asked by crewmates and friends to help with their grids.  Answering everyone individually in discord gets a bit repetitive.  Creating an easy to access online source that contains my thoughts and calculations will save everyone some time. There does also seem to be a lack of resources in the community, so hopefully I can add to that.

Who are you?

I go by the name Pooky and have been playing games pretty much my whole life.  I tend to do things on the hardcore side rather than casual, which leads me to sometimes getting into theorycrafting and other min-max related things.  As of writing this, I am rank 161 in GBF and have capable grids in each element.

Help me help you

What I hope to accomplish with these articles is to get players thinking about how to maximize their damage with what they have as well as plan for their future ideal grid (gotta know what to work towards).  I try my best to keep all my stuff mistake free, but hey, I’m human too (I think) and can make mistakes.  The best way to create a good and error free source of information is to collaborate with others; so not only feel free to contribute by pointing out any errors in the grid calculations, but also any important scenarios/exceptions I may have forgot about or overlooked (although I can’t investigate all scenarios due to time restrictions and keeping the article length reasonable).  No pitchforks please.  

How are you making your calculations?

I will mostly be pulling data from me playing around with http://hsimyu.net/motocal-dev/, which is an amazing tool.  I highly recommend that you learn how to use this calculator yourself and not listen to some stranger on the internet.  If you can’t be bothered… I’ll be providing you with data made with some assumptions (which I will state for each grid/scenario).  With that said… depending on your available characters/summons, what is best for my setup might not be the best for what you have.

What will you be talking about?

I hope to explore magna/primal/elemental grids for each element as well as add in some info on adding harder to obtain weapons to your grid, such as Ecke Sachs/Auberon/Cortana.  For now, I think I will limit my calculations to elemental advantage scenarios due to the rainbow meta we are experiencing at the moment.  I would normally release articles in the element order in-game (Fire/Water/Earth/Wind/Light/Dark), but because I’ll most likely be getting questions about what ever element has the advantage in the current/next GW I will try to start with those.

Final Disclaimer

It is really hard to include all variables into calculations so remember that most of the info I’ll be posting is for general cases and purely theoretical on my part, especially the primal builds as I have little to no experience with actually using them myself.  This is also my first time writing for a website, so bear with me as I become familiar with the process.  

With all that out of the way, I hope we can all learn a bit more about optimizing our weapon grids from this series.

Thanks for Reading!

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