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Creator’s Note – August 8, 2021:
– All guides are generally outdated at this point, and I do not think there is a very high chance that I will feel up to the task of updating the guides on this website. I have lost the motivation to put in the proper effort and calculations to provide numerically supported Magna/Omega grid advice. The original motivation was me figuring out the best grids for myself and then sharing it with others, but now that motivation is lacking.
– Thank you for visiting and supporting me and this website. Some of the information on this website may still be useful and/or it can serve as an archive/time capsule for how grids used to be! The site will likely be left up until summer 2022, I will issue another update when we decide to cancel/renew the webhosting service.


True Purity Sunblade has a static MH effect that gives a Normal Stamina modifier (15% @ 100% HP); it also gives party uplift (10%) for 2.5 turns and applies a 2 turn local blind to your target with its Charge Attack.  A very good sword mainhand option, especially for Berserker and Swordmaster/Glorybringer (has 36% echo) if your setup can go without a MH DA/TA generator.

Flamma Orbis is a good gun mainhand that provides both defense and offense. Its passive MH effect gives your Light party members 50% Skill DMG Up and 30% Skill DMG Cap Up when your MC is not debuffed. The CA provides Mirror Image to your party and gives a buff to your MC that will activate a nuke (600k base damage cap) at the end of turn if your MC did not take damage that turn.

Huanglong Spear has a strong static MH effect that boosts party Charge Attack DMG and Cap by 20% and its Charge Attack boosts Charge Bar gain (10% for 2.5 turns).  Also prevents Charge Attack Sealing Debuffs.  Very good farmable mainhand for spear classes.

The Hollowsky Bow‘s CA provides a 5% DMG Cap Up and 60% Chance for  30% Crit DMG buff to the party for 3.5 turns.  The Crit buff is slightly redundant as you’ll likely be running 5* Song for 100% Crit to activate the Supplemental Damage skill of the Bow – 30k Supplemental Damage on Crits for Bow/Gun characters.  It might be hard to properly use this weapon as a MH (limited amount of gun/bow characters to choose from) but it could be good in the right scenario.  The Bow’s weapon skills are 20% Ex/Unknown ATK and 10% Chance for 45% Crit DMG for Bow/Gun characters.

Huanglong Gauntlet only offers 15% Light Def Down on its CA as a mainhand, but is the best farmable option for a Melee mainhand.

The following three weapons are Grand Weapons and require their 4* Uncaps to reach their full potential; make sure to weigh the opportunity costs of your resources if you plan on investing in them.

Certificus (Grand Vira’s unlock weapon) is a very good mainhand for both offense and defense. Its charge attack provides DA/TA (30%/30%) and Defense (40%) to the whole party for 3.5 turns (usually these effects only last 2.5 turns).  Because it is an axe you can have easy access to its buffs on T1 via Berserker, just like with the Xeno Ifrit axe.   The Defense buff is a very welcome additional effect as it helps reduce incoming damage for  maintaining high %HP in both M2 and Primal stamina builds, although one should consider the opportunity cost of investing in a 4* Certificus purely for MH use with a Magna grid.

Ivory Ark (Grand Noa’s unlock weapon) has an interesting combination of CA effects. It provides 15% Bonus Light DMG (Echo) as well as a 15% increase to Debuff Success Rate to your party. I do not have any experience using this as a MH but it seems useful for both damage and utility for dagger classes.

Sacred Standard (Grand Jeanne d’Arc’s unlock weapon) provides a 70-75% Critical Chance for 30% increased damage as well as 15% Charge Bar to the party. I am unsure of how useful this could be as a MH, there seems to be other viable (and cheaper) mainhand options for the notable spear classes as they can also use swords, axes or guns.

Element Changed Revenant/GW Weapons can offer a variety of effects on their Charge Attacks, most notably: dagger (for DA/TA), sword (for cut), fist (counters) and harp (just a harp for elements that don’t have a good harp option).

Ultima Weapon Charge Attacks provide both 30% Elemental Attack and Double Attack to your team, making them good mainhand options for whatever weapon type and element you chose to make. Remember, you can only have six different Ultima at one time, choose wisely!

Class Champion Weapons (CCW) can range in strength from niche uses to absolute powerhouse. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before your spend all your mats on a 5-star CCW!

Standard M1/M2

Summons (Luminiera Omega + Lucifer)


Grid and Flex options

About This Grid

Whether you are M1 or M2, Light’s Omega/Magna grid is focused on Luminiera Sword Omega. Luminiera Sword Omega is unique among all the other Omega weapons as it has a small Normal ATK skill in addition to its small Omega/Magna Majesty skill (ATK and HP). Light grids boast the highest HP (out of Omega/Magna grids) with a grid full of Lumi Swords while still having decent damage. Light has access to Xeno and Opus weapons with sword typing and therefore this grid has great synergy with a Cosmic Sword.

Light M2 Weapons (the only notable one being Mittron’s Bow) are not particularly strong but the Bow can be utilized for its Stamina skill for players that have not yet obtained their their 5* Dark Opus Weapon. Once the 5* Dark Opus Weapon has been equipped with the Stamina Key, Mittron’s Bow does not offer significant improvements over a grid full of swords.

Omega/Magna Weapons: 5-7 (Weapon Skills boosted by Luminiera Omega)
EX/Unknown Weapons: 1-2
Normal Weapons: 0-2
Seraphic Weapon: 1 or 0
Cosmic Weapon: 1 or 0

Grid Composition

Omega/Magna Weapons: 5-7

This grid should use a minimum of five Omega/Magna Weapons, but six is recommended; ideally five Swords and the Sword of Renunciation.  The Sword of Renunciation has both ATK and HP modifiers and can provide a Cap Up option at 4* and another modifier at 5* (Stamina is most commonly chosen).  If you need something else to fill the grid, using a seventh Omega/Magna Weapon is a good option.
– Upon reaching M2, and before obtaining a 5* Opus, you can opt to use one or two Mittron’s Bow. A portion of Mittron’s Bow comes from its Crit skill, which will perform inconsistently with only one or two Crit Weapons, however, one Bow should provide a boost to damage (at full/high HP) regardless of the Crit activating or not.
– Once you obtain a 5* Opus with the Stamina key equipped, it is advised to not run any Bows (the damage gain is minimal) and instead run an all sword grid with Luminiera Sword Omega, True Purity Sunblade, Sword of Renunciation, and Cosmic Sword (don’t forget the Seraphic Weapon).
– Luminiera Bolt Omega are the best placeholders (Luminiera Harp Omega also provides the same skill as a Bolt, but has less attack) to use while you are making progress on 4*’ing Luminiera Sword Omega, which are only to be used once 4* and above level 120.

EX/Unknown Weapons: 1-2

This grid should use at least one EX/Unknown Weapon; two can be used depending on what other weapons/mainhand you are using.  Ideally the EX/Unknowns should consist of Xeno or Hollowsky Weapons as they are currently the strongest options.
– Xeno weapons are the default choice and provide 23% EX/Unknown modifier as well as strong Charge Attack effects when used as mainhands.  The Sword is the default choice due to its weapon type but the Flamma Orbis has more base ATK.
– A 5* Huanglong Guantlet can be used in place of a Xeno as a more defensive option.  It provides slightly less power than a Xeno (21% EX vs 23% EX, and less ATK) but also lowers Dark damage received by 17.5%.
Hollowsky Weapons provide a way to exceed the Damage Cap via Supplemental Damage in addition to a base 20% EX/Unknown mod and another effect, but the effects only apply to characters of certain weapon proficiencies (see Hollowsky Weapon section).
– Any other EX/Unknowns (such as ones from Story/Side Story Events) are fine as temporary filler, though you’ll likely only want to use a maximum of one sub-optimal EX/Unknown Weapons as they are probably not strong enough to warrant two grid slots.

Normal Weapons: 0-2

Due to the Small Normal ATK on the Swords, this grid does not necessarily need to use a regular Normal Modifier Weapon (excluding the Seraphic Weapon), but can use one or two depending on the situation.
– Consider an Atma/Ultima Weapon if your team consists of characters that share weapon proficiencies in order to benefit from a Gauph Key or if you can utilize the DMG Cap option from its Ultima Key.  The Strife Key (20% DA/TA for characters sharing a weapon proficiency with the Atma/Ultima) is normally the default choice, but for compositions focused on 1T Charge Attack setups, Strength (13% Normal Stamina) may be a better option.
– If you are still using Luminiera Bolts, you could consider a Bahamut Weapon if your team’s races fit with one of the pairings and would provide up to 32% Normal ATK and 18% Normal HP at the Coda stage. You should generally not use a Bahamut Weapon in a grid full of Luminiera Sword Omegas.
– Huanglong Katana is a very unique weapon and its use is often debated about, mainly with regards to racing due to the extra animations/skills/time it takes to fully utilize.  It provides massive Normal ATK (22% @ Slvl 15, 25.5% @ Slvl 20) at the cost of a 10% max HP cut and has a second skill (Prayer of the Sunrise) that activates when your party uses a healing skill (green bordered skill), providing a 10% Light Elemental ATK buff for 7 turns and stacks up to a maximum of 50% (new stacks refresh the duration).  Generally you should only use this weapon when you can take full advantage of its passive skill, which usually is restricted to solos or long fights without dispels.

Seraphic Weapon: 1 or 0

The Seraphic Weapon is essentially an auto-include while fighting with Elemental Advantage.  The unique Blessing skill increases your final damage by a set percent (20% when SSR, 23% at 4*); this modifier can increase your damage past the regular DMG Cap.  This weapon should not be used without Elemental Advantage as it only provides 10-12% Normal ATK/HP from its Majesty skill which can be easily surpassed with other weapons.

Cosmic Weapon: 1 or 0

Once you have obtained a grid full of swords (Luminiera Sword Omega, True Purity Sunblade, Sword of Renunciation and possibly a Hollowsky Blade), a Cosmic Sword is a very good weapon to include in your grid as you will gain a good amount of ATK, HP and DMG Cap Up. Applying +99 to all of your swords makes this weapon even stronger. You’ll probably want at least 6 or 7 total swords to start considering the Cosmic Sword. It is possible for a light grid to have of 9 or 10 swords (depending if you are using the Seraphic Weapon).

Primal Gacha

Core Weapons

Gacha Primal Light revolves around Eden (Grand Weapon, Lucio’s) and has strong accessory options in Certificus (Grand weapon, Vira’s) and Sacred Standard (Grand weapon, Jeanne d’Arc’s).  Eden provides Medium Normal Stamina (9.56% @ Slvl 15) in addition to the standard Massive Normal ATK (22%), similar to Ixaba, and synergizes well with Light’s strong healers and damage reduction to maintain the Stamina Modifier.

Other Weapons

Sacred Standard (Grand Weapon, Jeanne d’Arc’s) is a weapon that synergizes very well with the character that comes with it. Grand Jeanne d’Arc has a passive that provides 10% Bonus Light Damage (Echo) to party members when they perform triple attacks. Sacred Standard provides 7.0% DATA @ Slvl 15, which is 16.8% DATA with a single Zeus and 26.6% with double Zeus. In addition to the DATA, Sacred Standard also has Medium Progression, which is 0.8% Elemental ATK per turn (1.92%/turn with single Zeus; 3.04%/turn with double Zeus) and is suitable for long fights. This weapon shines when used with double Zeus comps and can hit the grid caps for both DATA (50%) and Progression (75%, obtained on turn 13) with two copies in double Zeus. A Progression Opus and a single Sacred Standard also hit the Progression Cap (obtained on turn 9).

Certificus (Grand Weapon, Vira’s) is the Blue Sphere of Light.  Light as an element does not have the same synergy with Ougis/CAs that Water does, but Certificus is a very strong addition to Gacha Light grids.  In addition to Massive Normal ATK (22%), each copy provides 9.5% CA DMG Up and 5% CA Cap Up and can be boosted by Zeus; this equates to 22.8% DMG/12% Cap with single Zeus and 36.1% DMG/19% Cap with double Zeus. Note that the CA Cap up bonus maxes out at 30%.

Ivory Ark (Grand Weapon, Noa’s) provides Normal ATK, Crit, HP, and Debuff Resistance. The Normal ATK and Crit are Big II, which have base values of 20% ATK and 12% Crit @ Slvl 15. For single Zeus, a single dagger provides 28.8% Crit Chance and for double Zeus, it provides 45.6% Crit Chance. This means that two Ivory Arks in double Zeus setups gives 91.2% Crit Chance, which is a pretty good rate but also slightly awkward if you are shooting for 100% (which may or may not be necessary, depending on who you ask). To achieve 100% Crit Chance you could use a third Ark, but that would end up wasting a lot of the Crit Chance (over 100% Crit Chance does not do anything). Your other options would be to use another weapon with small or medium Crit Chance to round out the 100%, but at this point there is not a standout choice for this.

Gambanteinn (Grand Weapon, Io’s) used to be commonly included in Light Gacha Grids but is now relegated to the sidelines as there is no room for this weapon when Eden, Certificus, Ivory Ark, and Sacred Standard all exist in the same element. Its weapon skills are Massive Normal ATK (22%) and Small Normal Trium (3.5% DA/TA). Each Gambanteinn provides 8.4% DA/TA with one Zeus and 13.3% with double Zeus.

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