Pooky’s Collection Tracker

Pooky’s Collection Tracker is a simple spreadsheet I made to keep track of my SSR collection in GBF.  I shared it with my crew and now I’m gonna share it with you!

Here it is!

What’s it have?

It has all Regular Gacha SSR Characters, all Limited Gacha SSR Characters, all Other/Misc SSR Characters and all Gacha SSR Summons.  It also has many percentage trackers (that change colours with completion level!), for individual categories and overall totals.  I try to update it as new units are added.

How to Setup and Use

Have my sheet open, on the “Blank Collection” tab, and make yourself a new blank sheet.  Then make a copy of the blank collection in your new sheet by using the “Copy to” option.

To fill it out, simply use the drop downs and select the option with the checkmark to indicate that you have the unit.

How to Update

Watch this video.

Why did you make this and why are you sharing it?

I made this cause I make spreadsheets for everything.

I’m sharing it because I know that people like to have things like this and because I probably won’t be able to do any writing over the next two months.  Rip finishing Part 2 of the light guide anytime soon 🙁

I am not liable for any feelings of dread because you don’t have very many SSRs.

I am not liable for any irresponsible spending in attempts to achieve 100% completion.


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